Hi, my name is Alex Andrade!

I am currently living in Saskatoon, Canada, the land of living skies, where I moved from Brazil to embrace new challenges at 7shifts in 2019. Here, every single day, we build something great to empower restaurants with amazing solutions, so managers can focus their time on their business.

If you are passionate about solving hard problems, this might be a good place for you as well.

Me at 7shifts Saskatoon office

-Me at 7shifts Saskatoon office-

Even though I am a full stack developer, I L O V E front end. It is amazing how React hooks has changed how we share behavior between our application keeping our code clean and readable (if well implemented, of course). The goal of this blog is to share small tips, common pitfalls, and code examples on how to solve problems you might face also leveraging our code quality and performance.

I DO CARE A LOT ABOUT TESTS! It is all about getting confidence from your code. It is really simple to write tests and achieve around 99.9% code coverage but, is it really giving you confidence? For a long time, I was writing tests the wrong way, testing implementation details instead of how the user would interact with the component/hook/piece of code I was building. Since I learned about React Testing Library, my mind opened for a new world.

During my spare time, I love spending time outside with my wife and two daughters. In the summer we use to go camping, explore new places and breath fresh air. Believe me, do spend time with your loved ones, you might have the most successful career in the world but, if you have a failed family, that does not worth it.

Me and my family visiting Banff

-Me and my family visiting Banff-

Before I came here I worked for 4 years at TOTVS, the largest technology company in Latin America. There, I learned in practice how is it like to maintain a H U G E software used for large customers, going out of just software development and in fact iterating with customers and learning with them (it makes a total difference).

Where can you find me?

Personal Blog: alexandrade.dev

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/palexandrade

GitHub: github.com/galexandrade